Sanitary measures for access

Entering the venue implies accepting the hygienic and sanitary regulations set by the BOE / BOJA in force at the time of the celebration of each event.

Everything you need to know about access to the venue.

1. Can I take the ticket on my mobile and not printed?

Of course, you can download your pdf tickets on your mobile or download the e-tickets and add them to your PassWallet app and present them on your phone. No photos or screenshots will be accepted.

2. If the show has already started, can I enter the venue?

Once the show has started, the doors remain open until 15 minutes before the end of the event.
However, there may be exceptions in certain events in which access once the show has started may hinder its development.

3. Can I leave the premises?

Yes, but once you leave you will not be able to re-enter because your ticket loses its validity.

4. Is there a security control to access the venue?

Yes, before entering the premises, our security team will check the bags and backpacks and ensure that dangerous and unauthorized objects are not introduced.

5. Can I access the venue with food or drink?

Access with food or drinks from outside the enclosure is not allowed, with the following exceptions:
– In the case of drinks, if access is allowed with water, but always in a plastic container without a cap and with a capacity not exceeding 50cl. Access with alcoholic beverages or glass containers is not allowed.
– In the case of food, if access to food is allowed for special and justified cases of allergies or intolerances or baby food.

6. Is smoking allowed?

Smoking is not allowed inside the Auditorium where the concerts are held.

7. See an orientation map of the venue in 3D

Standing events with unnumbered general track

Events with numbered chairs