Ara Malikian

When I saw my son walk for the first time after months of falls, failed attempts, blows and trying again, I understood that one day we were all that force that time makes us forget.
Children are the most authentic beings you can find, they are wild, they are tenderness in their essence and they are full of an insulting truth, they are not afraid to make mistakes, they are free and expressive and everything they do is full of art.

If you look at a child you understand almost everything you were and you haven’t allowed yourself to be for a while.

This tour is the result of seeing my son grow up, it is the result of my growing up at his side, it is all those sounds and melodies that try to shape what I have felt and what has inspired me from him and from life through the. It is an encounter with the child that I could not be and would have dreamed of being. It is a tribute to those beings who are as free as a free bird.

This tour is full of dinosaurs, robotic squids, time machines, flying pianos and bilingual mimes, this album is that thing that I had forgotten and that is so powerful; the Magic of finding each day and each path fascinates, whatever they bring.



13 Aug 2022


10:30 pm

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