Since his inception in 2012, Claptone has continued to cause a frenzy in the public with his sessions. Staying so hidden and unknown in a modern world, the world of likes and photos, is no small thing. The mystery of Claptone remains a little-known mythical figure who slips in and out of the shadows, leaving in his wake music full of indelible experiences.

Claptone always leaves people lost in his music, instead of caring about who or what they see in front of them. 2017 brought its own otherworldly and immersive events, ‘The Masquerade’ with special guests including Black Coffee, Claude von Stroke, MK and Pete Tong joining the fun in various locations around the world. As well as performing in Los Angeles, Rio, Berlin, Paris, New York and Barcelona, ​​Claptone brought ‘The Masquerade’ back to Ibiza, with highlights including two all-night joint shows with Elrow at Amnesia. They watched him cast a spell on the audience for seven hours straight and was one of the first to sell out. He was also in attendance at the behemoth Tomorrowland where four million people tuned in to the live stream to see him in action with guests and friends.

In terms of studio work over the past year, Claptone has featured plenty of stylish remixes from big names like Depeche Mode, New Order, Disclosure, Faithless, Bastille and Hurts, underscoring just how much in demand he is by those in the know. If you think you knew everything about Claptone let me prove you wrong.


  • Doors open: From 8:30 p.m.
  • Access to children under 18 is not allowed
  • Claptone set + guest DJs
  • More information on set times coming soon


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12 Aug 2022


8:30 pm

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