Soto Asa

We insist on putting Soto Asa in the sack of the urban scene here for having signed songs with the pope Yung Beef or the internationally Bad Gyal and publishing his work in La Vendicion. But in the fluorescent world of Soto there is him and no one else: his scene begins and ends with him, in his slow-motion reggaeton and his Zen music. He doesn’t look like anyone; if anything, others try to imitate their imaginary. His fixation with gamer aesthetics leaves the metaphor open: he has been making music on a screen that no one else has been able to unlock for a long time. Between ninjas, aliens and illegal car races with some Japanese skyline in the background, Soto Asa has beaten the game before the rest could understand the tutorial.

The ticket for Soto Asa includes access to the DJ sessions on July 21 after the concert.


VIP Tables booking available here:


 Line up



21 Jul 2022


10:30 pm

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