How can I purchase my ticket?

Tickets can only be purchased at points of sale expressly authorized by the Organization, in this case and Ticketmaster. The Organization is not responsible for tickets that have not been purchased at the official points of sale.

In addition, in the months around the Festival, we have a physical ticket office on the Paseo Marítimo de Playa de La Barrosa (Chiclana de La Frontera), and on the opening days of the Festival you can also buy tickets at the box office physical located in the Concert Music Festival venue itself.

If you have any questions about your tickets, you can contact Ticketmaster Customer Service through the following FORM:

When is it possible to return the ticket?

Tickets do not accept changes or refunds. It is not possible to return or change the tickets purchased once the purchase has been made. Not being able to attend the show or making a mistake when purchasing tickets are not reasons that allow their return. The refund of the amount of the tickets will only be made if the circumstances listed below occur:

– In case of cancellation of a concert (that is, when a concert is canceled and a new date for its celebration is not established) the Organization undertakes to refund the amount of this ticket.

– In case of substantial modification of the event (for example, change of date of a concert), the Organization undertakes to refund the corresponding amount. However, if the client so prefers, there will be the possibility of, instead of directly requesting the refund of the ticket amount, keep the ticket for the event that has been subject to changes in the same conditions as the one purchased, without any additional cost.

– In any of the other cases established in current legislation, the Organization undertakes to refund the amount of this ticket.

However, the total or partial cancellation of the event due to force majeure will in no case give rise to a refund of the ticket price, except in cases where this is legally established.

Bad weather conditions, as long as the Festival can be held normally, will not give the right to a refund of the ticket.

Any other additional expense caused by attending a concert, such as accommodation, flights, trains, gasoline, insurance… in the event of cancellation, annulment or substantial modification of the Festival are not covered by the Organization.

In case of cancellation, annulment or substantial modification of a Festival concert, the Organization will establish a period of time and a certain operation so that the client can request a refund, in accordance with the legislation, outside of that period requests for refund will not be accepted. refund. To proceed with the indicated refund, it will be necessary to prove that the user has purchased a ticket for the Festival.

Does the Festival have extraordinary measures for the current health situation?

Entering the venue implies accepting the hygienic and sanitary regulations set by the BOE / BOJA in force at the time of the celebration of each event.

Can I take the ticket on my mobile and not printed?

Of course, you can download your pdf tickets on your mobile or download the e-tickets and add them to your PassWallet app and present them on your phone. No photos or screenshots will be accepted.

If the show has already started, can I enter the venue?

Once the show has started, the doors remain open until 15 minutes before the end of the event.
However, there may be exceptions in certain events in which access once the show has started may hinder its development.

Can I leave the premises?

Yes, but once you leave you will not be able to re-enter because your ticket loses its validity.

Is there a security control to access the venue?

Yes, before entering the premises, our security team will check the bags and backpacks and ensure that dangerous and unauthorized objects are not introduced.

Can I access the venue with food or drink?

Access with food or drinks from outside the enclosure is not allowed, with the following exceptions:
– In the case of drinks, if access is allowed with water, but always in a plastic container without a cap and with a capacity not exceeding 50cl. Access with alcoholic beverages or glass containers is not allowed.
– In the case of food, if access to food is allowed for special and justified cases of allergies or intolerances or baby food.

Smoking is allowed?

Smoking is not allowed inside the Auditorium where the concerts are held.

See an orientation map of the venue in 3D

Standing events with unnumbered general track

Events with numbered chairs

What is the address of the venue?

Concert Music Festival is located in the town of Sancti Petri, in Chiclana de la Frontera (Cádiz)

Avenida Street
11139 Chiclana de la Frontera (Sancti Petri)

Is there bus service? What are the points of origin? Where can tickets be purchased?

Yes, we have two types of bus service: urban (within the town of Chiclana de la Frontera) and interurban (from other points in the province of Cádiz)


At Concert Music Festival we offer our clients an intercity bus service to travel to the venue from different points in the province of Cádiz, every day there is a concert or show at the Sancti Petri venue.

Routes: Algeciras, Barbate, Cádiz, Chipiona, Conil de la Frontera, Jerez de la Frontera, Los Barrios, El Puerto de Santa María, Puerto Real, Rota, San Fernando, Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Tarifa, Vejer de la Frontera, Zahara de los Atunes.

Tickets for the bus can be purchased during the ticketing process and also independently through Ticketmaster.

The price of the bus ticket ranges between 16.50€ and 21.50€ depending on the point of origin. The ticket includes round-trip travel and is non-refundable and non-exchangeable. To access the Bus it will be essential to present the printed or digital ticket.

The Organization reserves the right to suspend the trip, if it does not reach the minimum occupancy required (20 people). In case of cancellation, the full amount will be refunded.

For more information, you can call the bus service customer service telephone number: +34 640 108 658.

Do you have parking?

There are several free parking areas enabled by the City Council in the vicinity of the site.

VIP box tickets include private parking service next to the venue. More information and conditions on the VIP Boxes.

Is there a place to eat inside the enclosure?

Yes, we have two options for dining within the Concert Music Festival venue: the Alma Restaurant, whose menu has been designed by the prestigious Zahara de los Atunes Restaurant, the best option to enjoy an exquisite culinary experience in an elegant atmosphere; and our Gourmet Zone, with a wide range of quality fast food for a more informal dinner.

Is it necessary to make a reservation at Restaurant?

Yes, to guarantee your table in our Restaurant it is necessary to book, you can do it in the form that you will find on our website.

Is it necessary to reserve in the Gourmet Zone?

It is not necessary to reserve. The Gourmet Zone is a restaurant space with a wide gastronomic offer for an informal dinner, where you will find street food stalls with all kinds of sandwiches, premium hamburgers, hot dogs, pizzas, salads…

Gourmet Zone Gallery
Can minors access the premises?

Minors under 16 years of age may only access the premises accompanied by a father, mother or legal guardian. The security personnel may request that they present their ID and that of the accompanying adult at the entrance in order to verify that they comply with the Festival’s regulations.

Minors between 16 and 17 years of age may access the venue alone, as long as they present a signed authorization with the data of the father, mother or legal guardian (whether or not they are accompanied by a responsible adult). You can download the authorization here.

Do children need to buy a ticket to access the venue?

Due to current regulations, all those attending the concert must purchase a ticket, including children and adults, regardless of age and whether they occupy a seat or not.

Is there a special rate for children?

There is no special price or discount for children.

Where can I send my resume to work at the Festival?

The selection process for personnel to work at the Concert Music Festival is not open at this time. Any open call for employment will be communicated through the Festival’s social networks.

Request press accreditation: Do you want to attend Concert Music Festival as a media?

Complete the following form to request your press accreditation and we will respond as soon as possible.

    Fecha del Concierto:

    Tipo de Medio:

    Tipo de Acreditación:

    Adjuntar carta o proyecto editorial*:

    Adjuntar justificante de publicación previa*:

    *Letter or editorial project, signed by the director of the media outlet specifying these details: MEDIA, NAME and DNI of the people to be accredited, as well as the work to be done during the event (reports, coverage, recording, interviews…)
    *Proof of prior publication of festival information depending on the support of each medium:
    – Written press: PDF
    – Web/blog: links or screenshots of the published news
    – Radio and Television: audio or video files of the program or space where Concert Music Festival is mentioned

    *In the case of radio and websites/blogs there will be a limit of one accreditationper medium.

    * In the case of the written pressthere will be a limit of two accreditationsper medium, one for a photographer and another for an editor. Two writers will not be accepted for the same written medium.

    * In the case of televisions there will be a maximum of three accreditationsper medium. One of them must be an editor.

    General criteria for press accreditation, read the following instructions carefully

    It is essential to fill out the form to request press accreditation, in addition to following the instructions below:


    1. Late applications will not be accepted.
    2. Requests must arrive at least 72 hours before the event for which you wish to register.
    3. Only means that are currently valid will be accredited.
    4. Journalists who wish to be accredited must complete the form with ALL the complete data for each representative of the media outlet to be accredited.
    5. Concert Music Festival requests the publication of prior information about the festival in the medium for which the press pass(es) is(are) requested.
    6. In addition to the request through the form, for the accreditation of the pass it is necessary to attach the following documentation:

    • Letter or editorial project, signed by the director of the media outlet specifying these details: MEDIA, NAME and DNI of the people to be accredited, as well as the work to be done during the event (reports, coverage, recording , interviews…)
    • Proof of prior publication of festival information depending on the support of each medium:
    • – Written press: PDF
      – Web/blog: links or screenshots of the published news
      – Radio and Television: audio or video files of the program or space where Concert Music Festival is mentioned


    – After the approval of the applications received, we will confirm the granting of the same, via e-mail 48 hours before the event.
    – If the request has been denied there will be no possibility of appeal


    – Accreditations can be collected the same day of the concert at the box office of the venue by presenting the DNI half an hour before the start of the show.


    – It is essential that the equipment, both for photography and television, be professional.
    – Domestic digital photo cameras will not be accepted.
    – The press accreditation will not give access to the dressing room area or to the exclusive areas for organization personnel.
    – If any accredited party fails to comply with any of these rules, the organization reverses the right to withdraw the accreditation.